Memo: Release the Mueller Report so Congress can do its job

The Mueller investigation has concluded, and a Trump-appointed Republican Attorney General has summarized the report in a four-page letter. Before the public can see the full report, the president and his allies in the conservative media are working hard to frame this situation to their political advantage.

The American people deserve to have more information about whether their President is beholden to a hostile foreign power or not. But as we wait – and demand — to get more information, here are two things we know for sure:

First, America, we are better than this. Release the full Mueller report so that congress can do its job and the American people can judge for themselves.

And second, nobody will save this great country except us.

To do that, Democrats better get tough and fast. Mayor Bloomberg is right that it is time to stop apologizing for everything and take the battle to Trump and the Republicans in 2020. And here’s how we do that.

  1. Democrats must lead on pocketbook issues. Lowering drug costs is a perfect example. Voters are crying out for help. Just saying you will not take corporate PAC money is not good enough anymore. We need to pass a law every day to lower costs. Take a page out of the GOP playbook. Make Trump and McConnell pick sides.
  2. Strong Democracy is the centerpiece of reform. HR1 (link to bill) is a great starting point. If Democrats prove they are willing to clean up the swamp then voters will reward them with their vote. This needs to become a national campaign against McConnell and the obstructionist Senate.
  3. Work on higher wages and better jobs for the American people. By investing in people, we will win.


You can download the full memo below.

Download the Memo


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