Future Majority releases voter survey results

Since the 2020 election, Future Majority has surveyed 59,243 voters in swing congressional districts and battleground states with our partners at Change Research. This memo includes data from recent surveys of 1,941 voters in Arizona, Florida, and Wisconsin and 1,124 voters in the battleground congressional districts of CA-21, CA-25, CA-38, CA-48, IL-17, IA-03, ME-02, MI-08, NJ-03, NE-02, NY-24, PA-18, TX-24 and WI-03 (Nov. 9-13, 2021), as well as a survey of 1,822 voters in the 37 congressional districts decided by +/-5 points in 2020 (Oct. 19-22, 2021) and 2,210 voters in four battleground Senate states Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire (Oct. 19-22, 2021). The surveys have a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.

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