Memo: For Democrats, a challenge to focus on the stuff that really matters

Trumpland is a series of distractions and scandals that make it almost impossible to maintain focus or message discipline. But if Democrats are going to defeat Trump, they’re going to need both.

Every minute spent chasing Trump down a rabbit hole or fighting with other Democrats is a minute the Trump campaign won. And there are only so many of those in the 600 or so days until the next election.

So for this week’s storyline, let’s remember these three things:

  • Our differences as Democrats are nothing compared to our differences with Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress.
  • People who are hurting in Lordstown are who we should always put front and center. The Carrier employees in Indiana know better than anyone what a broken promise from Trump means.
  • We are the party of hard work and the middle class. That’s who will decide the 2020 election, and talking and listening to them should be our highest priority.

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