This Week in the States: February 22, 2019

Future Majority’s strategy center is constantly monitoring what’s happening on the ground in key states in the Midwest.

Three big things to know this week that happened outside the beltway:

  • A new Iowa poll shows support for Trump’s border wall has increased during the past year, though Iowans remain divided on the issue. A new Iowa poll shows 37% of Iowans believe the wall should be funded, a 7% increase since January.
  • Michigan’s first Democratic Secretary of State in 24 years created an Election Modernization Advisory Committee to implement Prop 3, which makes significant changes to Michigan election laws, including the ability to register up to and on Election Day.
  • Ohio Republican Governor Mike Dewine proposed an 18-cent per gallon state gas tax that will generate revenue to help maintain roads and bridges. This amounts to a 64% tax increase in the state’s current 28-cent gas tax.

You can download the full PDF below.

This Week in the States: February 22, 2019


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