Memo: Healthcare, corruption and taxes — April is here

Donald Trump spent last week taking a victory lap despite the absence of any real victory.

Poll after poll shows that the American people are not so eager to shrug off the corrupt and unethical behavior they saw and heard with their own eyes and ears. The jury is still out, and nobody outside of Trump’s base was convinced of anything by Bill Barr’s four-page attempt at a cover-up.

So where do we go from here?

Let’s spend this first week in April talking about these three big issues that matter to the American people:

  1. Let’s continue our fight for healthcare and draw real contrasts with the people who are trying to destroy healthcare for millions of our family members, friends and neighbors;
  2. Let’s talk about this disastrous tax law at a time when Americans are seeing for themselves just how much of a con job it really was;
  3. And let’s continue to demand the Mueller report in its entirety and not some cleaned up summary designed to make Trump look good.

Republicans might be on a victory lap right now, but these are winning issues for Democrats.

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