Pass the HEROES Act

It’s been months since the Republican-led Senate passed major COVID-19 relief legislation while Americans face the greatest economic despair since the Great Depression. There are over 158,000 deaths and over 4.8 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States, and more than a million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits each week for months. Significant and life-saving action is long overdue.

Congress needs to:

    • Extend the $600 weekly unemployment bonus.
    • Send more funding to states and localities for their responses to the virus so they can help their residents and economies.
    • Expand protections for workers who are returning to their jobs so they can do so without fear.
      House Democrats have and already passed a bill that does all of this and more — The HEROES Act

We need you to contact your Senator and tell them to pass The HEROES Act NOW.

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