Future Majority releases voter survey results

According to conventional wisdom in the media and among Twitter Democrats, one would believe that President Joe Biden is cruising, with soaring approval ratings, and America is getting back on track. While that may seem true among all voters averaged nationally, it is far from the case in swing congressional districts and battleground states that determine the balance of power. Future Majority has recently conducted a series of in-depth research studies that reveal a still deeply divided electorate with an overwhelming number of voters who say they are barely keeping their head above water or are falling behind. The reports below study the results from a poll of 1,213 likely voters surveyed (May 10-14) in the 37 congressional districts decided by +/- 5 points, a poll of 1,093 likely voters in Pennsylvania, and a poll of 1,044 likely voters in West Virginia (May 10-14), with additional points from April polling conducted in Arizona and Michigan.

Download the CD Poll Memo


Download the Senate Poll Memo


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