Future Majority releases Playbook 2.0

Playbook 2.0 – The Next 100 Days is designed to help leaders think through their governing strategy on the key issues of the day.

Since the 2020 election, Future Majority with our partners at Change Research, have surveyed 9,264 voters, including 1,213 likely voters (May 10-14) in the 37 congressional districts decided by +/- 5 points, 1,093 voters in Pennsylvania, and 1,044 voters in West Virginia. We surveyed 892 voters in Arizona, 983 voters in Michigan, 603 voters in NH-01, and 967 voters in West Virginia (April 9-12). Future Majority has also completed a first-of-its- kind metaphor elicitation study of American swing-state voters that provides a deep understanding of how they see the Democratic and Republican parties, how they feel about America now and into the future, and where governing parties can connect with and deliver for the American voter. Since its founding, Future Majority has surveyed 84,752 voters.

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