Future Majority recommends governing priorities

With less than two weeks to go, the time is now to begin to focus on what a post-January 20th governing majority looks like – and what to do with it. Future Majority conducted a survey of 4,211 registered voters in 2018 red-to-blue congressional districts and 2020 flip opportunities across the country to answer these questions. We wanted to begin to understand now what issues resonate most with voters and what values are most important to them.

And we were surprised at some of the results.

Bottom line, in these tough areas of the country, poised on the knife edge in terms of partisan split (or more difficult), there is surprising consensus (65% or over support) for a range of progressive reforms. Not for some of the blockbusters, but enough to give Democrats strong footing as they look to control the White House and both Houses of Congress. Many, many voters know the system needs to be overhauled to create a functional economy and politics.

You can download the full survey memo here.

Key Governing Priorities


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