This Week in the States: March 22, 2019

Future Majority’s strategy center is constantly monitoring what’s happening on the ground in key states in the Midwest.

Three big things to know this week that happened outside the beltway:

  • In voicing support for the sweeping anti-corruption H.R. 1 For the People bill that House Democrats passed overwhelmingly on March 8, the editorial board of the The Palm Beach Post in Florida did not mince words: Blocking H.R. 1, the GOP Seems Afraid of Democracy.
  • Trump marked his 10th visit to Ohio since taking office, with a rally at an Army tank plant in Lima, Ohio this week. During his speech, Trump continued his verbal assault on the memory of John McCain and attacks on UAW Local 1112 President David Green, blaming him for the closing of the Lordstown GM plant.
  • This Morning Consult tracking poll of Trump shows that since taking office, Trump’s net approval rating in Ohio has dropped 19 percentage points in the state he won by eight points. Morning Consult found that 50 percent of Ohioans now say they disapprove of Trump, compared with 45 percent who like the job he has done.

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