It’s Time to Pass Savings to Patients and Hold Pharmacy Benefit Managers Accountable

In a rare display of unity, both Democrats and Republicans have joined forces to tackle a pressing issue affecting all Americans: insurers and their Pharmacy Benefit Managers. These middlemen are putting profits before people, restricting our access to essential medications, and driving up prices.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers have been operating in the shadows for too long, manipulating the system to serve their own interests. It’s time to shed light on their hidden practices and demand much-needed reforms.

Senator Brown is taking action, leading the charge to expose corruption and ensure cost savings are passed down to patients like you.

Your voice matters, and your support is crucial in this fight for fair and affordable healthcare. Join us in thanking Senator Brown for his commitment to taking on PBMs.

Call and Thank Senator Brown
(202) 224-2315

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