Analysis of voter opinions toward reproductive freedom

Following Texas’s near-total abortion ban, Future Majority, with our partners at Change Research, surveyed voters in swing congressional districts to understand how voters in competitive areas feel about the new law. The survey was conducted Sept. 10-14, 2021.

  • This issue is breaking through the noise: nearly all voters know what’s going on in Texas. 90% say they are familiar with the 6-week abortion ban implemented by Texas.
  • A strong majority of voters (75%) support reproductive freedom for women to make their own choices. Just 21% of voters in competitive districts say they oppose abortion and think it should be illegal.
  • 62% of voters oppose banning abortion at six weeks, before most women know they are pregnant. 63% of Independents and 94% of Democrats oppose the ban.
  • 63% of voters agree that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and should not be changed, including 95% of Democrats and 60% of independents. But, 50% of voters, including a majority of women, believe Roe v. Wade will be overturned by the Supreme Court.
  • Voters do not support a filibuster being used against reproductive freedom. 62% of voters support the Women’s Health Protection Act, and 79% of voters say they will be frustrated if the Women’s Health Protect Act fails to pass the U.S. Senate due to filibuster.

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